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Jan 13, 2015 . Summary: Wexford has retired: is this the end of policing as weknow it? This is a sequel to A Sight for Sore Eyes but reads Nov 23, 2011 A Sight for Sore Eyes came out in 1999. It is a novel of psychological suspense, not a police procedural - Reg Wexford does not appear in the. Роман английской писательницы Рут Ренделл на английском языке These are the hallmarks of crime legend Ruth Rendell, the best mystery writer in the. The Vault: An Inspector Wexford Novel Ruth Rendell on Amazon.com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. INCLUDES AN EXCERPT OF RENDELL'S FINAL.

Preview and download books by Ruth Rendell, including The Girl Next Door, Ruth Rendell, The Vault: An Inspector Wexford Novel (Unabridged). 3. The Vault. Jun 28, 2011 Ex-Chief Inspector Wexford returns from retirement to solve a most unlikely case: the mystery of who killed the three people whose corpses.

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